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with an image of the backup now, I wonder why there is a warning in the terminal about the file system maxagaz: so this is a warning, not an error? tomreyn, yes maxagaz: so it's not an error then, right? tomreyn, a warning maxagaz: we don't know whether it's an error, warning or not. and it seems you don't either. sorry, that's what I meant I don't understand what is the difference but it seems that I can't have a backup with such a warning usually, when you backup a file system, you ensure that it does not change. if a file system is mounted in read-only mode, then this is not possible. maxagaz: is this a RAID or any other such configuration? tomreyn, raid maxagaz: i'm no pro with raids, so i'd rather ask another person. tomreyn, but I'm the only one using this disk, my computer and this disk maxagaz: ok, so if you have data on this file system, you'd need to consider, whether your data is important enough to risk having it changed or copied out of date. maxagaz: it can be done, just not sure which and if you'll run into problems if you do. do you have a support contract with the manufacturer of the disk? tomreyn, it's not the only disk that I have in the computer, there are two i see. tomreyn, I'm not sure to understand where should I ask to find such a info? there are companies which sell support contracts for hardware you may have (if i don't misremember correctly), for which you can call and get help. i think this may be rather complex, so you may



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Ht Employee Monitor Crack
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