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5. Agent Dash (iOS) Agent Dash is a fairly straightforward management sim that allows you to navigate the extremely complicated world of recruiting for a law enforcement agency. You are a specific type of police officer that specialises in helping other law enforcement officers avoid prison. 6. No Man’s Sky (PC) No Man’s Sky is a sprawling, game-changing exploration game that has been generating a lot of hype since it was announced. The game can be found on a number of platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, and PC. 7. Monument Valley Monument Valley is a really enjoyable puzzle game that will keep you guessing. The game’s premise is simple: build a path through a maze of shifting blocks, while avoiding traps and other hazards. 8. The Room 3D (iOS, PC) The Room is a game that focuses on perception and the way we interact with our environment. The core premise of the game is that you are playing as a prisoner and are instructed to find the secret room within the prison you are in. 9. Fantasy Earth Fantasy Earth is a simulation game that tells the story of the world we live in. You build up a civilization by improving your infrastructure, building and managing the military, exploring the world and settling other planets. 10. The Last Tinker The Last Tinker is a relatively old game, but it’s now available on all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. It’s a 2D management sim where you lead a small group of people as they progress through the Industrial Revolution. 11. Space Engineers Space Engineers has a classic approach to management sim gameplay. The game has you as a space engineer building cities, structures, and ships. You also have a central point of interest that is important to your survival. 12. Splot Splot is a 2D management sim that allows you to manage people, buildings, and locations all in the same simulation. There are no complex systems to manage, but instead you need to manage resources like power and food. 13. Surviving Mars Surviving Mars is an extremely interesting management sim that has you take over Mars and do




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Painters Guild Download] [crack] virtawn
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